California was wonderful, as usual. Lots of parties, hanging with people, catching up with my brother/friends, shopping, stalking out international libraries and hookah bars, etc. It was a short trip, but the ability to come home to a beyond the average level of fabulous boy made me not mind at all.

We proceeded to spend the rest of the week swearing off 99% of our agendas to basically lay around in bed together for about (5 x 24 = ) 120 hours. At some point we've semi-returned to normalcy.. just in time to spend a long weekend together in Asheville for Wolf Parade and more lengthy bed sessions.
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Updates. My memory is terrible and a few events no longer interest me. But as of late...

The Mogwai show with Michael, Cody and others. This is where I realized that I can't smoke half a pack of cigarettes before such intense shows. I already freak out and cry and hyperventilate and lose my breath; I need as much lung capacity as I can. Afterward we went to grub out on some southern food, where I got a text message that read, "Oh, the irony in playing 'R U Still In 2 It." Ugh.

Shopping trips with Will. Thrift stores around Chapel Hill last week, and then a total destruction of the Charlotte malls yesterday. We both find immense pleasure in the guilt of Urban Outfitters. Our credit cards, however, do not. It really does go against every moral of my proper clothing construction mindset, though. Hah.

I don't feel like writing more. I'll post pictures instead.

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Carlos is in my kitchen cooking my dinner, and it seems to be about ready. So.. more later!
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My soul mate also hates condiments and loves The Streets.
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I like a boy who likes moustaches.

At this point in time, I can't stop smiling. However, this concupiscence* may decrease rapidly if certain WT actions are followed through..

(* This is today's word of the day. Look it up if you aren't cool enough to get this shit sent to your email.)
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I just read that Camera Obscura is coming here in March. OMOGJFJW!!KJWOO! Alright, I'm going to have to post some of these shows on here for reference.. or I'll forget about tickets and actually going and so on.

The Fiery Furnaces : 2/13
Gza : 2/25
Of Montreal: 2/28
Mogwai : 3/8 and 3/9 (In Asheville)
Zion I : 3/11
Metric : 3/12
The Silver Jews : 3/14
Matt Pond PA : 3/17
Camera Obscura : 3/20
Stereolab : 3/22
Jenny Lewis : 3/24
Mates of State : 3/26
Destroyer : 3/30 (Although I'm almost positive I'll be in California)

Then of course, Alkaline Trio in Charlotte.. 4/11.. but I'll save the later dates for later posts.

A few of these I already have tickets for, so it's cool.. and now this way I'll actually remember to go!

"If I could have a second skin, I'd probably dress up in you."

As many of you may know, my New Year's Resolution was to refrain from listening to leaked music. Obvious reasons for this being to be able to get back to a life of high anticipations for new releases - WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY RELEASED. Rushing to the record store to pick it up, popping it in asap, going crazy, etc. Also, not stressing about whether or not those spaces between the songs, or that unique sounding recording is intentional or not.. uh huh.. fuck it.

With that being said, I picked up the new Belle & Sebastian this afternoon, followed the standard "new release" routines.. and it's a wonderful feeling. The best I've felt in a while, at least from music.

Combine that with a few hours at the gym, and I almost don't care about the bitches at my school who can't drive, the sleep deprivation, or the nonexistence of cigarettes in my life.

And now for the story of the day:

So I guess there is a band called "Wow, Owls!" who are playing a show here on Friday. This afternoon I was quickly skimming my LJ friends page when I noticed something that said, "Wow, Owls! show." Which translated into my incredibly exhausted brain as something like, "Wow! Owls.. are, for some fucking insane reason, back to together.. playing a show.. in North Carolina!!!" So for about 3-4 minutes I'm freaking out, shaking uncontrollably, trying to call someone in Chicago about this.

I was honestly two seconds away from a total meltdown, when I decided that I should go back to read the rest of the post... where at that point, it became apparent there was not the slightest Tim Kinsella connection what-so-ever. And ugh. Complete excitement/insanity to complete let down/humility in five minute time span.

Anyway, if you want the more exciting story of my day involving gross cars and gross girls, feel free to contact me privately.
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I have this theory that aspects of my life are intentionally altered through very minimal manipulations until the desired change is reached. I'm convinced that this method of minute exploitations is everywhere in my life, and it sort of creeps me out.

Blame it on paranoia or my love for books on media brainwashing, but whatever.

I was aware of this concept even when I was really little. I used to always sleep with my mom at night, but I had this obsession with finding the perfect position to sleep in. I rolled around constantly until I was bitched at for not being able to remain still. At that point, I would get the idea that if every few seconds I just made a really slight movement, eventually I would be able to change to an entirely different position without my mom being aware that I was, in fact, moving around.

And you know, obviously if a little kid can conceptualize this, anyone can. The media can. Philip Morris can. Etc.

Philip Morris began putting recessed filters on their Parliaments because they thought it was healthier. It was later discovered that it's not healthier at all, and even potentially more harmful. Now myself, along with most P-funk consumers, I'm sure, are all about the recessed. They really can't just change all the filters, though. But what I've noticed recently is that my packs of cigarettes will have just a few non-recessed filters here and there. And, contrary to popular belief, I'm totally set on a theory that this company is trying to make Parliaments non-recessed, one cigarette at a time.

Same theory applies to sending me the same word of the day two days in a row, every once in a while. The fuckers.

Anyway, this is just something I've been thinking about lately and have been trying to become more aware of. It's probably all in my silly fucking head, but even just the act of questioning these things makes me feel less oblivious to the psychological control so many things can have over a person.
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